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   It's running! It started surprisingly fast but sounds rough without proper mapping...

wmv, about 4MB:

wmv, about 2MB:

wmv, about 2MB:





    First 10 miles with my Bimmer Twinky Mini 16V:


wmv, about 2MB:

   - Integral Wastegate is too small, boost creep was

     up to 1,5bar

   - At 7000rpm I programmed fuel cut off - it seems

     to work as can be heard...

   - So a Tial or Turbonetics external wastegate has to

     be adopted to the exhaust manifold next...


    ...1,5 bar boost + 7000RPM = perfect engine breaking in procedure?!

    but it gave me a nice impression what the engine is capable of...  :-)



   Here is the datalog of my first test drive: AFRs are "a little bit" off, but I really like all the usefull data

   that is collected; especially wideband lambda feedback is a nice feature...



   External wastegate is ready to control boost properly - the first test drive with this proved the superb

   Tial quality  - a 0,6bar spring is installed now for bedding in the engine...



   The full race TranX LSD had to go - the Quaife will be back in my gearbox for next season:

   The Plate LSD showed too much understeer in tight corner entries for my taste - which is a problem

   for me on Autoslaloms - especially in combination with a hard rear anti roll bar it was hard to drive.

   I will also use a softer inlet cam (LT) for next season, the hotter exhaust (RS) cam will stay:

   The dyno graph showed still an increase of power at 8000rpm when both hot cams were installed -

   I am hoping to find more power lower down and loosing nothing at the top - the dyno will show this

   year if it works...


   As time to improve the air path after the intercooler a little bit, so we made a new cap at the top of it....


   Air filter: "Store in a cool, dark place" - so I decided to make a new duct; fit the air filter into it and

   anodize it black. Now the filter sits in a cool, high pressure area... and the engine bay looks more cleaned up.