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  <click on the picture to get more snapshots from Harry>

  I was born 1970 near Vienna, starting to drive Minis in 1988 with a 

  standard MK4 1000 Special. My father brought me into the Mini stuff

  when I still was at school and always had an empty wallet. He said:

  “This car is cheap in purchase, running costs and insurance”. Now he

  thinks that was the worst advice he ever gave me.


  I used this car as a daily driver for 3 years, which meant driving

  from Monday to Friday and repairing on Saturday/Sunday…




  It did not take too long until I bought my first used LCB, 12G295 cylinder head  and Dunlop rims. Soon after

  that I was on my first Mini meeting and met some of the other Minivirus infected Austrian blokes there.


  There I decided to modify this car to a weekend warrior. (Rollcage, disc brakes, 1300 engine with 286 cam

  and high lift rockers….) The MK 4 became more and more rusty with the years, and after restoring a

  Cooper S MK II, I took the car off the road and removed all the essential bits from the wounded shell.


  But I could not modify the historic Cooper S to such a radical manner I would have liked to, so I decided to

  built another Mini – a Clubman Estate was bought, restored and turboed.


  This is my fun car now - where all the actual modifications can be seen on some of the pictures here…