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 Oil pump


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   01/2010: Oil pump


   The Turbo oilpump also has too small inlet and oulet ports for my taste, so I took a NA pump with bigger

   ports and crammed the turbo pump rotor stuff into it. 



  12/2009: Centre oil pick up pipe with larger cross-section


   Last season I had the problem of a falling oil pressure above 6000rpm - I think the reason is cavitation of

   the oil pump on the suction side, so I made a new oil suction pipe with ID 17mm  - also the gearbox pathes were

   opened to that diameter:



   Oil pump drive:

   The hottest cam an A-Series has ever seen: 360! I turned the lobes down in the

   late at my machinist the faces from the other customers that day were priceless.


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