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 Block modifications


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Pielachtaler Minifreunde



   a) The original holes were threaded and closed; then the new threads made for the ARP bolts.


   b) Piston under crown spray jets will find their way into this block again.


   c) For the oil return I welded some “ears” to the block, then 2 tubes where pressed in, to obtain a trouble

       free system. So I still can use the original BMW steel head gasket. Oil supply for the head was also relocated

       slightly. My machinist loved me for doing that (when he had to deck the block), because the material hardened

       up in the welding area of course.


   d) The block was bored and honed with a torque plate to obtain round bores when the head is torqued down.

       But bore measurements after removing this plate showed that it wasn’t worth the effort.









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