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 ZX 12R Turbo


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Pielachtaler Minifreunde





   Here are some pictures and videos about a project where I helped my friend Erich.
   We put a nice GT-R turbo on his bike, constructed a watercooled intercooler, and upgraded it with

   lots of electronics; this bike now makes nearly 400hp and 310Nm at the wheel at 1,4bar of boost -

   it is for drag racing only of course...

   I really love boosted engines reving 12 000 rpm...



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   Update ZX12R Turbo: we mounted a bigger turbine housing (A/R 1,06 instead of 0,82) to reduce

   the exhaust back pressure level. I worked out - we got 432hp and 324Nm at the wheel - last time

   we managed "only" 399hp...

   Also our new boost controller can be seen - now we can programe the boost level and the boost

   rising rate per gear independently...